DOs for Environmental Sustainability

If we are humans, we think of how we can take care of the our planet earth. According to the launching of sustainability movement. Here are the ways we can sustain the life of our planet.

5 Rs

What are 5 Rs?

Reduce. Try to reduce what you are buying and think of how you can use other things as a remedy. Try to spare things for others.

Reuse. Reusing what can be reused will be very much helpful to the environment. If not, you will be throwing many trash that is harmful to the environment.

Recycle. Recycling is one way to reduce trash going to the sea or land. A plastic bottle can be use with other things.

Refuse. Refusing what you do not need is very much appreciated. Even if you have tons of money, you can save this planet by not getting what you do not need so that others can use it.

Repair. If you can still use what was broken and if it is still possible to repair, why not repair it?


Reforestation is another solution for this. In fact, because we need buildings, we need trees to be used. However, we should replace what was broken off. This time, in every cut of a tree, it has to be reported to the department taking charge of the environment, this is regarded as a crime. Reforestation would be so pleasing because not only us will benefit but other creatures around us.

Legal Fishing

Legal Fishing should be implemented around the world. There should be no one using dynamite or any other chemicals. One thing is that fishermen should not be getting small ones.