Unsustainable Ecosystem

What do you think is the reason why people can not sustain the environment? People do whatever they want for to satisfy their wants not knowing that they are making others left behind and the environment to suffer. Of course, if they would think of the future, they too will come to help people to take good care of the environment. In this case, there are many things to consider when we do something.

There is no self- control and consideration.

Self control is needed even though we want. If all the people would think of how they can be considerate in each and every factor happening, the world will be a better place. Actually, it is natural that the world can have damaged due to the development of technology. The higher we go along, the more sacrifice of the environment will be given. However, we can still do even little things not to add to the problem. Let us not throw anything anywhere. It is enough that factories are making pollution.

Technology is one thing that can destroy our planet. We can not avoid factories and technology industries because we also need them due to the upgrading of lifestyle, but at least there should be a way to still control the waste they make. Not only one person should move but all mankind. That is if we want our children to live in peace. In fact, all people think of how they can survive so they take away whatever they can take in order to make themselves rich. The earth resources and natural landscapes have limitation too. Although we know of these things, we still are getting everything for ourself. If all of us will satisfy our greed, what will our world become? The world is not enough for everyone’s greed.